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The DataTools Visual Basic Utility Library - Interop

Version 4.0

Description: A general memory, hardware, math, text, utility, classes, and functions library.    

It's very useful for Visual Basic developers, with extensive interop wrappers of complicated native systems designed for Visual Basic developers by a Visual Basic developer.  It's written to be used very much in the VB way, so you should find it easy to grasp.  Most of the core of the library is documented.  There are some fringes in DTInterop that are not documented or poorly documented.

This version reflects a major refactoring of the entire library.  For those who have been using it, the most important thing to know is that all string functions are now in the DataTools.Strings namespace. You'll also find the source tree much more organized and I promise you it will be changing a bit, still.  

The library included in this source tree is DTInterop. The other two libraries, DTCore and DTMath, have their own page.

You need all three libraries to run the examples.  The downloadable zip includes only the source code.  You have to compile it, yourself, and you need to install IL Support which is located in the .vsix file in the root of the zip file.

The example projects are listed in this source tree, but, like I said, you need the other two projects to compile them.


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